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Judge Shanes for Illinois Supreme Court

Committed to the Constitution and Rule of Law

“The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Judge Daniel B. Shanes in the Republican primary for the second judicial district of the Illinois Supreme Court. As an award-winning major crimes prosecutor prior to serving as judge, Daniel Shanes worked hand-in-hand with law enforcement every day and showed a deep commitment to upholding justice and the rule of law. As a judge since 2007, Judge Shanes has earned the respect and admiration of law enforcement at every level from rank-in-file officers to senior leadership. For nearly 30 years, Judge Shanes has been dedicated to supporting the brave men and women that protect our communities, and with him on the Illinois Supreme Court, we know that the voices of all law enforcement will be heard and respected."


-Dave Parsons, IL FOP Legislative Committee Chairperson

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Why the 
Illinois Supreme Court Matters

The Illinois Supreme Court is the last line of defense for our Constitutional rights in Illinois. As both a prosecutor and judge, Judge Shanes has spent his entire professional career upholding the Constitution and providing equal justice under law.  

“In the end, it is the courts that give voice to the Constitution.  When that voice is silenced, we cease to be a free society.” 


– Judge Daniel Shanes

Democracy Requires Equal Justice Under Law

Equal justice under law must be the basis for every judicial ruling.... (Read More)

The Rule of Law is Essential to Justice

For there to be justice, we must have the Rule of Law....  (Read More)

Separation of Powers, Judicial Independence, and Judicial Restraint

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Proven Experience

The seven judges of the Illinois Supreme Court shape how justice is administered in Illinois.  As the head of the third, co-equal branch of government, the Illinois Supreme Court requires judges with an established track record of proven experience.... (Read More)


Judge Shanes:
Proven Experience, Committed to Justice.

Judge Shanes is devoted to the highest standards in our justice system both in and out of the courtroom.  He currently is a Circuit Judge and serves as the Chief Deputy Judge of the Lake County Circuit Court, presiding over some of the most serious criminal and civil cases in the courthouse.  His rulings over 15 years on the bench reflect his commitment to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

In 2007, Judge Shanes was first selected to serve as an Associate Judge.  In 2010, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously appointed Judge Shanes to serve as a Circuit Judge; in 2012 and again in 2018 the voters elected him to serve additional terms.  Since first serving as a judge in 2007, Judge Shanes has consistently received the highest ratings from both the Lake County and Illinois State Bar Associations. 

Prior to his appointment to the bench, Judge Shanes served as an assistant State’s Attorney and division chief for nearly 12 years, becoming one of the lead prosecutors in child-sexual-predator and first-degree-murder cases.  During that time, he also was a founding team member that created Lake County’s successful Drug Court, developing a program providing comprehensive treatment and supervision for repeat, non-violent felony offenders whose criminality is driven by significant substance abuse.  Previously he served as a judicial law clerk to Justice Robert J. Steigmann of the Illinois Appellate Court.  

By appointment of the Illinois Supreme Court, Judge Shanes serves as Chair of the Illinois Judicial College Board of Trustees, and regularly serves as faculty for judicial education for judges and lawyers in Illinois.  He is also a member of the faculty of the National Judicial College, providing judicial education to judges across the United States.  In addition, he serves by appointment of the Illinois Supreme Court as Vice-Chair of its Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions for Criminal Cases, a member of the Illinois Judicial Conference, as well as a certified new judge mentor.  Judge Shanes has published dozens of legal articles, several of which have been cited by the Illinois Supreme Court, Illinois Appellate Court, and legal treatises. 

Judge Shanes has been active in our community for more than 25 years in many ways, from coaching youth sports, to engaging parents and students regarding youth substance abuse and decision-making issues, to serving on the Board of Directors of a local homeless shelter and transitional living facility for women and children.  Judge Shanes has also been privileged to serve on the Board of Directors of both the Illinois Judges Association and the Lake County Bar Association.  He has received numerous awards and recognitions in our community for his work on behalf of the justice system, victims of crime, and judicial education.

After completing his undergraduate education at the University of Iowa, he received his Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law, where he served on the DePaul Law Review.

He and Diane, his wife of 30 years, have together raised four wonderful children.

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Meet Judge Shanes

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